Over 50+ FREE Easter Crochet Patterns

Easter is almost here! There are so many wonderful things to crochet. With over 50 free Easter crochet patterns you won’t know where to begin!

These Free Easter Crochet Patterns  are a good place to start! There are so many different thing you can make including egg cozies, bunnies, and so much more!

Bunnies are the poster animal for spring and easter, You won’t be able to live with out these adorable Free Bunny Crochet Patterns!

These Free Egg Cozy Crochet Patterns are super cute and are the perfect alternative to dying eggs! You’re kids will love all those creative cozy’s.

What’s Easter without an Easter egg hunt? Even more importantly, what’s an Easter egg hunt without an Easter Basket! Will these Free Easter Basket Crochet Patterns you’ll have everything you need to search for eggs!

PEEP PEEP! This cute little Free Crochet Chick Patterns are just too adorable for words.

I absolutely adore all of these adorable Crochet Sheep Patterns! They are perfect for any new baby and also great for Easter!

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