FREE Crochet Chick Patterns

Easter is right around the corner and the only thing cuter than little bunny rabbits are these little crochet chick patterns.

  1. This Baby Chick is fresh out of its egg :).
  2. This Chickadee Easter Basket is super cute! For more baskets, check out these Free Crochet Easter Basket Patterns.
  3. This Easter Bonnet Chick looks so relaxed!
  4. This Cute Chick sure is cute!
  5. This Three Chicks In a Basket sure look like they are having fun!
  6. This Lil’ Chickie Duck is the perfect amigurumi pattern for an occasion!
  7. This Little Chirpy Chick pattern is so cute and easily customizable.
  8. This Chick Hat is so adorable! I love the little ponytail.
  9. This Egg Cozy Chick Family is so cute. For more egg cozies, check out these Free Crochet Egg Cozy Patterns.
  10. This Chunky Baby Chick Hat is super quick and easy!

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