10 FREE Bunny Crochet Patterns

These bunny crochet patterns are so cute! I love little bunnies! Though they are perfect for any part of the year, they are especially great for Easter and spring!

10 Free Bunny Crochet Patterns - The Lavender Chair
  1. Make a cute little outfit for this Spring Time Dress Me Bunny pattern! There is even a link to an outfit you can make for them!
  2. This Chunky Bunny Hat works up in minutes and is perfect for your new baby!
  3. I adore these Spring Bunnies!
  4. I can’t get over how cute this Bunny on a Carrot is.
  5. This Bunny Egg Cover is so cute and a fun for anyone looking for eggs this Easter. For more patterns like this, check out these Free Crochet Egg Cozy Patterns.
  6. This Bunny Hat is quick and easy and oh, so cute!
  7. This Bunny Lovey is the perfect, cozy baby blanket/toy for your little one!
  8. This Rabbit Amigurumi is super cute and fun to make for all ages!
  9. Right here at The Lavender Chair you can see how to make this Chubby Bunny Easter Basket. For more baskets, check out these Free Crochet Easter Basket Patterns.
  10. This Bunny Crochet Applique is super quick and easy! You can use it to turn any ordinary project into bunny project :).

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