FREE Sun Hat Crochet Patterns

I love summer sun hat crochet patterns. They are so glamorous and flattering. They are also a great way to keep the sun out of your face. But, mainly they are just gorgeous. To see some of my sun hat designs check out my FREE Summer Sun Hats round up!

  1. This Floppy Sun Hat Pattern is another amazing project for beginners! And its super quick to make!
  2. I love the way this Dune Hat by Drops Design lays! Im a huge fan of it! No pun intended!
  3. I love the bright colors used in this Summer Harmony by Drops Design!
  4. This Nep Hat is super lightweight and adorable in any nuetral color!
  5. I love the lace detailing throughout the entire Summer Dream by Drops Design Hat!
  6. I love this Crochet Hat For My Mom! Might actually make it for my mom!
  7. Marlene by Drops Design has the perfect flower accent to tie it all together!
  8. Another great pattern is DROPS 107-14 by Drops Design. I love the textured design that is showcased throughout the hat!
  9. This is Mara by Drops Design! I love the addition of the lace detailing after the crown!
  10. This DROPS 99-23 by Drops Design Hat is a great hat for beginners!

For more sun hat crochet patterns check out my second round up edition and personal works below.

Sun Hat Crochet Patterns II
Summer Sun Hat Crochet Patterns
Candace’s Cluster Sun Hat
Daisy Fields Sun Hat
Meshy Shells Sun Hat

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