FREE Granny Square Motif Crochet Patterns

Who doesn’t love granny square motif crochet patterns? Whether you are making a traditional granny square or a granny square motif, they are so versatile. The possibilities are endless! Granny squares are used in an array of projects. You can make Scarves, blankets and outfits. These are my personal top ten favorite and go to granny square patterns.

  1. This Victorian Lattice Square by Destany Wymore would make a fantastic motif for a table cloth! This granny square is just so vintage and so classy looking. Would love to try it out with some crochet thread!
  2. This Lotus Mandala Square was designed right here at The Lavender Chair for the Mandala Blanket CAL!
  3. I love shells and I love granny squares, so this Harriet Square by Carolyn Christmas is definitely a win all around.
  4. This Heart Mandala pattern would make the cutest little baby blanket. It’s definitely a great symbol of the circle of love!
  5. This first thing that caught my eye was the colors, what a great choice of them! This African Flower With 8 Petals by Laura Pavy, would look great as a purse or hook case.
  6. I love the texture this Pinwheel Star by Bonnie Pierce gives off. There is just something about pinwheels that remind me of the fourth of July. I feel like this pattern would make an awesome fourth of July blanket if it were done in the colors red, white and blue.
  7. Now regularly, I personally don’t use a variegated yarn in any of my motifs or granny square patterns; but, in this case t is so necessary and it pays off! This Dream Catcher by Sherry Welch looks amazing! Id even consider not squaring it off and making an actual dream catcher out of this.
  8.  I’m in love with stained glass and sun catcher inspired crochet patterns. This Sun Catcher Afghan Square by Julie Yeager, would look fabulous in just about any color Scheme!
  9. I’d love to make a shirt or a wrap with this Lacy Block by Iin Wibisono.
  10. Just like the Crocodile Flower pattern, this Simple 10-Petal Afghan Square would look amazing in a blanket!

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