10 FREE Poncho Crochet Patterns

I love me a crochet poncho. They are always in style!

FREE Poncho Crochet Patterns - The Lavender Chair
  1. This Four Square Poncho is exactly what it says it is, a four square poncho!
  2. This Coming Home Poncho is the perfect poncho project for all you beginners out there! It’s simple design looks so elegant with the addition of a classic Scalloped edge.
  3. This Light And Airy Poncho is a great summer/spring poncho! Being that it’s light and airy!
  4. This Light and Lacey Poncho is by far my favorite pattern! it looks like a fashionable shirt! It would look amazing in any color, but, I’m definitely going to use Red Heart Unforgettable when I decide to do this project!
  5. How cute and simple is this Peek-A-Boo Poncho? Great quick project to make!
  6. Kelley’s Ponchito is a beautiful short poncho that is perfect for covering up your bare shoulders in the cooler months.
  7. I love this Cowl Hooded Capelet Poncho It is probably the most comfortable poncho ever! It’s so warm and cozy. For more designs like this, check out the Celina Lane Designer Roundup!
  8. This Stripey Poncho by the one and only Kim Guzman is absolutely gorgeous! I am in love with this colorful design.
  9. This Boho Poncho is quick and easy and looks great!
  10. I’m obsessed with ombre colors and this Popsicle Poncho is the on for me!

For more ponchos, check out my original works and additional round up below!

Climbing Shells Poncho
Gemstone Lace Poncho
Gemstone Lace Poncho (Toddler/Child) - Free Crochet Pattern - The Lavender Chair
Gemstone Lace Poncho (Toddler/Child)

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