FREE Potholder and Hotpad Crochet Patterns

Potholder and Hotpad Crochet patterns are an awesome household item to crochet! For more household items Check out these 10 Free Crochet Items for Your Home.

FREE Potholder/Hot Pad Crochet Patterns - The Lavender Chair

  1. These Easy Crocheted Hot Pads come equipped with a safety pocket for you to grab hot lids off the top of pots!
  2. These Squares In Paris pattern comes with three different potholder patterns!
  3. Another great pattern for meals on the go is this Summer Fun Carrier!
  4. These Tutti Frutti Hotpads are so cute!
  5. This Stars In Paris pattern has the most beautiful texture.
  6. This Hot Grip potholder is such a smart idea!
  7. This Cherry Pie Hot Pad is the perfect thing to crochet for the fall (AKA PIE SEASON). For more things to to crochet in the fall check out these 10 Free Crochet Pattern For the Fall.
  8. I love this Hot Pot Mates set! They look so great together.
  9. This Casserole Carrier potholder literally holds the pot! How cool is that? Perfect for meals on the go.
  10. I love this Fried Egg Potholder!

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