FREE Crochet Patterns For Your Home

Though I love crochet A LOT, I don’t plan on covering everything in my house with granny squares! Here’s a few patterns in which you can subtly add crochet to your household! But, if you prefer to cover your house in granny squares, go ahead, who am I to stop you?

FREE Crochet Patterns For your Home - The Lavender Chair
  1. I wish I would have thought of this Organizer idea. I am forever losing remotes in the couch cushions. Don’t even get me started on all crochet hooks that get stuck in there as well. With this organizer I might just be able to prevent that if I can remember to put the things in there.
  2. This Oven Mitt pattern is perfect for the kitchen. Think of all of the cookies you can pull out of the oven with this! Works up really quick!
  3. This Table Mat and Serviette Ring looks beautiful for any occasion. Great wait to add a little pop to your family dinners.
  4. This Circle Point Washcloth pattern is equipped with the perfect texture to Scrub any where you need!
  5. My problem with bath poofs is that the netting always finds a way to either rip or come apart. But, with this Bath Puff pattern you don’t have to worry about that! And because of this they last so much longer!
  6. I am loving these Patio Pillows. Trust me they won’t be wasting away on my patio, these babies deserve to be inside!
  7. At first this Pineapple Petals Tablecloth may look like a little bit too much work. But, I can promise you once you pick it up to start you won’t be able to put it down! All the hard work and time that goes into this tablecloth will be so worth it!
  8. How cute are these Daisy Towel Holders? Great project for adding a little pop of color to your kitchen.
  9. I always thought that these Toilet Paper Roll Holders were so cute! They look so fancy!
  10. So you go two options, you can either get in your car, drive 15 minutes to the grocery store, walk aimlessly around the store, then when you find your Swiffer mop covers you can head over and wait in line, then spend another 15 minutes driving back home. OR you can head over to your yarn stash, whip out your cotton and using this Swiffer Cover Pattern you can crochet your self a mop cover that is washable and reusable. What option would you choose? I pick the DIY option so I can have a little fun!

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