5 Crochet Kitchen Items

A great way to dress up your kitchen is with crochet! Here are 5 round ups of crochet kitchen items. Want more crochet items for your home? Check out these 10 Free Crochet Patterns For your Home.

5 Crochet Kitchen Items


Coasters are a great way to dress up a coffee or end table. Not only do they make good decorations, but, they are also great for keeping your furniture safe. Check out these 10 Free Coaster Crochet Patterns.


Dishtowels and dishcloths. We all use them, there is no doubt about that! They make a great edition to your cooking area! With all these great textured designs they are great for washing just about anything. Check out these 10 Free Dishcloth Crochet Patterns.


Crocheted placemats are so much better than those dinky plastic ones! They can be easily rolled up and put in a drawer with your dishcloths. Crocehted Placemats are also easy to clean, just throw them right into the washing machine! Check out these 10 Free Crochet Placemat Patterns.

Potholders/Hot Pads

Just like I said for dishtowels and dishcloths, Everyone uses potholders and hot pads, especially in the winter when you are making soup every night! Check out these 10 Free Crochet Potholder and Hot Pad Patterns


Tablecloths/Table Runners

I have seen so many tablecloth and table runner patterns, mainly in filet crochet, but, they have all been so beautiful. Though I have yet to bring myself to make a project so big and so time consuming, I see it coming in the near future! Maybe I’ll crochet a tablecloth for my wedding. Check out these 5 Free Crochet Tablecloth Patterns.

Are you ready to start making some crochet kitchen items? I know that I am!

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