Elegant and FREE Scarf Knitting Patterns

Scarves are so fun to knit, especially if you have really amazing Scarf knitting patterns like the ones listed!

  1. The Purl Bee has so many fantastic patterns and this Jasmine Scarf is just one of many.
  2. I love the cables in this Chunky Braided Scarf, so elegant.
  3. This Soda Fountain Scarf sure is bubbly :).
  4. I love the ripple effect that this Feather Fan Scarf has.
  5. This Tao Silk Scarf is to die for. Perfect fo any occassion.
  6. This Little Leaf Lace Scarf looks so soft!
  7. Lacey knitting patterns are always so gorgeous and so is Reversible Circles Of Lace Scarf.
  8. I love braided cables so this Braid Cable Reversible Hiking Scarf is the pattern for me!
  9. This Rustic Ribbed Mesh Scarf looks so quick and easy! Definitely going to be trying this one out soon.
  10. I think that this Best Friends Lace Scarf is the perfect pattern to use up any variegated yarn you have.

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