FREE Girls Sweater Knitting Patterns

These FREE Girls Sweater Knitting Patterns are absolutely adorable!

  1. In A Pear Tree Cardigan is a great knitting pattern. No buttons on this guy!! It wraps around with a cute little bow in the front of the sweater!
  2. This Lace Baby Sweater is so cute.
  3. This Top Down Sweater is my favorite baby sweater pattern!
  4. This Jiffy Knit Sweater is a quick and easy, well written pattern!
  5. Baby Girls Sweater
  6. This Quickie 5 Hour Baby Sweater is so perfect can’t wait to start on a two toned version of this!
  7. This Lilac Cloud pattern is so precious!
  8. I love the lacy flower design in this Precious Girls Sweater!
  9. The perfect Princess Cardigan for your little princess!
  10. Knitted Baby Sweater for the perfect little girl in your life.

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