FREE Knitting Patterns For Boys

Im so happy to have found all these FREE knitting patterns for boys. It’s so exciting when we find out someone is pregnant! Especially for us knitters! We can’t wait to start making gifts once we know the sex. But, once we find out that it is boy the search narrows to a minimum! The amount of girly patterns out there are almost infinite compared to little knitting patterns for boys. So, I went on a quest to find a couple good ones and this is what I found.

  1. This cute little Stuffed Dinosaur is great for that upcoming little monster! You could even make a dinosaur hat to match. You can find that matching hat pattern in my 10 Free Knitting Hat Patterns.
  2. This Baby Bow Tie pattern is simple and quick. Makes a great photo prop or even a great finishing touch to the little ones Sunday outfit.
  3. Chuck Taylors for your little Chuck or Taylor! These Converse Booties are the perfect gift for any little boy!
  4. Every one loves over alls! And these On the Go-veralls are the perfect pattern to knit them. Easily customizable and have a wide range of sizes to choose from.
  5. Who doesn’t think that this Little Ogre Costume isn’t the cutest thing in the world! The pattern includes instruction for the whole set! Head to toe! It would make a great photo prop or Halloween outfit for your little ogre!
  6. Dump trucks, backhoes and bulldozers! Every little boy goes through this phase at some point! With this Digger Jacket, your little boy can embrace his construction obsession in style!
  7. These Monster Pants are perfect for your little monster! When they first started circling around the web, I had gotten so many requestitches for them. Too bad, at the time, I didn’t knit!
  8. This Hat and Sweater Set is the perfect gift for a newborn little boy! It’s the only sweater pattern that I have seen that can be used solely for a boy. I can’t imagine this guy in pink on a girl.
  9. Earlier I mentioned dump trucks, back hoes and bulldozers. Don’t worry I didn’t forget tractors, I was just saving it for right now! With this Tractor Plush Toy your little one can bring his obsession everywhere with him!
  10. I feel in love with these Epipa Baby Booties the second I saw them! Once I clicked the link through Pinterest and saw that it was German, my heart stopped for a minute. I collected myself, then I Scrolled on down and long behold, there it was an link to the English pattern! These cabled baby booties would look great in any color for every little boy!

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