10 FREE Angel Knitting Patterns

  1. This Angel Of Welcome square would make a beautiful dishcloth or blanket square. Simple and easy to read.
  2. Everytime I look at this Knitted Angel I think of this beautiful ornament that I hang on my Christmas tree every year! So beautiful.
  3. I love this Baby Angel Sweater! Another great pattern for the little ones. It makes a great holiday sweater for the winter.
  4. This Angel Blanket pattern is perfect for your little angel to wrap themselves up in. Makes a great baby shower gift.
  5. For all you Whovians this Dr. Who Crying Angel Cloth is the perfect knitting pattern for you!
  6. Im pretty sure just about everyone needs this Angel Hot Pad to put all of their freshly baked cookies on!
  7. This Angel Cloth is simple quick and easy! It would make the perfect afghan square for a  holiday blanket or even a dishcloth or hot pad for your kitchen!
  8. This Angel Dishcloth is not only good for dishes, it makes a beautiful holiday decoration for your home.
  9. With this Angel Choir Set you can make your Christmas tree look like a Christmas Carolers dream!
  10. This Angel Ornament is so cute. I will definitely be making these this Christmas.


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