FREE Baby Bootie Crochet Patterns For Boys

I’ve found it a lot harder to find patterns for  boys baby booties. Whenever I searched baby booties on Pinterest, I’d get about 1 boy booties pattern for every 1,000 girl booties pattern. Luckily I ended up having a girl and didn’t have to struggle for these boy patterns.

But, eventually all my friends and family decided to get pregnant with boys. So, I had to deal with the struggle anyway. Here is 10 great free boy baby booties patterns all in one place so you don’t have to struggle like I did.

  1. Repeat Crafter Me’s Cuffed Baby Booties are a great booty pattern for a beginner! The directions are very clearly written and easy to follow! All you need is some Scrap yarn and some cute large buttons.
  2. These Shrek Baby Booties are just way to cute. They are fairly easy and quick to whip up and the detailing makes it unmistakably Shrek. I’m sure if you wanted to make a set of Fiona booties, it would be as easy as 123 with this Shrek pattern!
  3. Who wouldn’t want there little baby to have these Crochet Baby Converses to match their own pair? These booties are another pattern that just be done is every possible color. Not sure how I lived so long with out them.
  4. These Peek A Boo Sandals are one of the quickest and easiest booty patterns ever! This simple design is so versatile and so fashionable and can be made in a matter of minutes. Easily customizable with a simple addition of a button.
  5. For all you southern folks or those of you from the wild wild west, this Cowboy Boots baby booty pattern is for you! You can even add little spurs to the back if you wanted. With these baby booties your little one will be in style!
  6. I always though crocs were an abomination! But these Baby Crocs are too cute not to make. Great pattern for summer booties. A little fisherman outfit for a newborn photo prop with these crocs would look so adorable.
  7. These Green Zebra booties have the best booty base that I’ve ever worked with. This pattern holds it shape perfectly and the sizing is is spot on. Once you make these booties you’ll want to use this pattern as your base every time!
  8. These Roll Tops are so quick and easy. They are great for a last minute gift idea! Could make them in any color combination and they’d look great.
  9. Aww look at the little Baby Nike’s! Definitely would have made these on every color if I would have had a boy! You could easily use this sneaker pattern and change the symbol on the side for variety.
  10. Little Cookie Monster Booties for your little cookie monster. How creative is this! If only there was a pattern for OScar. Maybe I’ll just have to make my own pattern.


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