10 FREE Baby Poncho Crochet Patterns

These baby poncho crochet patterns are to die for and are super quick and easy.

  1. This Picot Baby Poncho is so sweet! Would look so adorable on your little newborn girl!
  2. I love this Sweet Baby Poncho. I need to make one of these in purple!
  3. This Orange Baby Poncho is so cute and easy!
  4. Switch up the colors on this Granny Square Baby Poncho and create a special personalized baby poncho for all the little ones in our life.
  5. This Stay On Poncho is the perfect poncho with sleeves! Great way to stay wrapped up and warm and still use your hands!
  6. This Flower Square Baby Poncho looks so vintage! What a gorgeous way to incorporate square motifs into a little poncho.
  7. This Hooded Baby Poncho is yet another amazing baby poncho patter with a hood! I just love the design throughout the trim!
  8. I love Hooded Ponchos! This one takes the cake as far as I’m concerned.
  9. This Lil’ Collar Poncho looks so prim and proper. Not to mention it’s also really cute!
  10. If you like the broomstick lace stitch this Mary Louise Poncho is the one for you. I just love all the designs by Kati D Creations.

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