FREE Baby Set Crochet Patterns II

Everyone loves crochet sets, especially for babies! For more check out Crochet Baby Sets Part I.

  1. This Eco Baby Set is so cute. I love the color green! Perfect for both a boy or girl.
  2. This Vintage Baby Set is the cutest chevron set. Includes a pattern for booties, bonnet and a sweater.
  3. I love this cute Sweater and Pants Set. Perfect for that new little boy in your life.
  4. Not sure weather that Matching Jacket and Bonnet or the baby is cuter! They are both too perfect!
  5. I am in love with this Baby Set by garnstudios. And the fact that this is made in purple makes it even better!
  6. This Baby Set is so perfect down to the last detail! I love it and I can’t wait to get started on it.
  7. I love the way that this 5 Piece Set looks! It’s the all around everything in one package deal! (woooweee that was a mouthful!)
  8. This Preemie Baby Set is the perfect preemie set.
  9. Everyone always seems to go crazy over watermelons!  This Watermelon Baby Set has links in the notes section of ravelry that takes you where you need to go to make this
  10. This Hat, Booties and Dress Set looks so cute. What a great way to combine several different patterns to make one beautiful set. This pattern contains links to each of the other amazing patterns.

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