FREE Headband/Earwarmer Knitting Patterns

These headband/earwarmer knitting patterns are the perfect quick project to add a cute accessory to your look! They are great for keeping your ears warm and toasty during the colder months!

  1. I love the way the cables work on this Cabled Headband! It almost looks like chain links.
  2. This Twistin’ The Night Away headband is the perfect last minute knitting project. So quick and easy. It isn’t even a real cable!!!
  3. This Turban Headband is everywhere! People really seem to love it, so, why not make a knitted version?
  4. This Easy Day Headband is perfect for that day you wake up and your hair isn’t cooperating!
  5. I love this Braided Cable headband!
  6. I love the use of lattice cables in this Lattice Cable headband! So intricate!
  7. Not only is this Entrelac Headband worked with entrelac, but, it is also cabled in the front. How cool is that?
  8. Imagine this Braided Headband with worsted weight and the color of your hair! Perfect to make it look like a faux french braid in your hair!
  9. This Lazy Sunday Afternoon headband looks like such a fun project!
  10. Say hello to this Braided Headband. Definitely my new obsession!

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