Pia Thadani – Stitches n Scraps Designer Round Up

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  1. This For Emily shawl is perfect for Valentine’s Day! Look at how cute the heart accent border is.
  2. This Rainbow Cake Blanket is the perfect blanket to make for all those rainbow babies out there.
  3. I love these Ribbed Fingerless Gloves! They are so cozy and can be made in any color and be the perfect accesssory to complete and accent your outfit.
  4. This Dew Drop Necklace is absolutely gorgeous!
  5. This Tryst Pillow pattern is the perfect addition to any home! It has such a gorgeous textured design!
  6. This Linen Stitch Rug is another great addition to your home! Great for infront of the kitchen sink or as a door mat!
  7. I’m really loving this New Eastitcheside Cardigan. It’s so warm and cozy! perfect for a chilly day.
  8. How cute is that little on in the Lacy Ruffles Top? I absolutely adore it!