Crochet Tutorial: Alternative Double Crochet Turning Chain

Crochet Tutorial: How to Make the Alternative Double Crochet Turning Chain - The Lavender Chair

The alternative double crochet (ALT DC) chain is a great technique to avoid holes at the end of your double crochet projects. Normally, when working with double crochet, you come to the end of your row, you’ll chain three, turn your work and continue on your way. But, with the ALT DC chain, you turn your work without chaining. Then you enter a Sc directly on top of the last stitch made, chain one, then, using the left leg of your single crochet stitch, make another single crochet.

As I mentioned earlier, this method reduces the amount of holes that can be found on either side of your project. But, it also creates a more seamless edge and makes the final project look more put together.

Utilizing this method will take your crochet techniques to another level.

Now, the whole may sound confusing written in words, so, let me show you how it’s done.

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