Crochet Tutorial: How To Join a Long Series of Chains

Crochet Tutorial: How to Join a Long Series of Chains - The Lavender Chair

It can be really frustrating to work on project in the round that require a lot of chain stitch to begin. Sometimes it feels like it’s  nearly impossible to Join a  long series of chains and keep your chains straight. Sometimes you don’t even notice it until you are three or four rows in. After having to frog all that work you have done, you might not even want to start over.

Here’s an easy fool proof way to keep your beginning chain straight. When you start chaining, chain only the length of your hook. Then, using the back end of your hook insert it into the first chain made. Now, continue to create the amount of chains that your pattern calls for. Lastly, to join those chain stitches, yarn over and pull through everything that’s on your hook. And just like magic, you will see that your chains are perfectly straight and joined in the round!

If you’d prefer to see this process in action, watch the video tutorial below.

Hopefully this fool proof trick on how to join a long  series of chains helped change your crochet life! I will never go back now that I have learned this method.

Crochet Tutorial: How to make the Chain stitch

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