FREE Tissue Box Cover Crochet Patterns

Whether you need the tissues for allergy season or flu season, these tissue box cover crochet patterns are a great way to dress up your tissue boxes and home!

  1. This Lego Cover is perfect for stashing some tissues in either your kids room or playroom! Especially in the winter, when your children’s noses is running rampant!
  2. I love this Country House Tissue Box Cover!
  3. Using the same pattern as above, you can make this adorable Owl Tissue Box Cover! It is sure to be a hoot. If you like owls, Check out these 10 Free Crochet Owl Patterns.
  4. Comfort food and tissues is all you really need when you sad. And Netflix of coarse. So this Chocolate Yellow Cake is so clever. Don’t get me wrong because cake is also for celebrations! So, that tissue box must just be for happy tears too!
  5. This Birdhouse Cover is one of the most elegant tissue box covers that I have seen! It is so cute!
  6. This Watermelon tissue box cover is perfect for all those with summer allergies! Not only is it cute, but, it will also blend right in at home! If you like watermelon patterns check out these 10 Free Watermelon Crochet Patterns.
  7. Don’t worry guys I didn’t forget the Travel Size cover! Isn’t that too cute?
  8. I find this Cuddly Cats crochet tissue box cover a little bit humorous! I don’t really know how to explain it, but, I’ll try. Lady + Lonely = buys a bunch of cats. So, she either needs the tissues cause she is lonely, or she need them because she is allergic to all the cats.
  9. This Monster Tissue Box Cover was also featured in my 10 Free Crochet Monster Patterns post. I absolutely love this pattern by Repeat Crafter Me!
  10. This Granny Tissue Box Cover is simple and such a great way to use up your Scrap yarn. For more Scrap yarn projects, check out these 10 Things to do With Scrap Yarn.

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