FREE Flower Crochet Patterns

These are by far 10 of the best flower crochet patterns that I could find! I am in love with using them on headbands, hats, bags you name it! they are the perfect applique for just about any completed crochet project.

Free Flower Crochet Patterns - The Lavender Chair
  1. This Flower Broach has landed on various hats and headbands of mine it is one of my favorite flower patterns!
  2. I can imagine this Water Lilly flower on a frog inspired blanket! So cute.
  3. Pansy Flower
  4. I love the way the layers turn out on this Wagon Wheel Flower!
  5. I love the texture of this 6 Petal Flower! This would be a fun one to write up in a hexagon pattern!
  6. This Crocodile Stitch Flower saved my life on Christmas. It was the only flower pattern that I could find that I liked that sorta resembled a pointsetta! I used it on my babies first Christmas headband!
  7. This Pansy is a great flower to use for earrings or broaches. It’s something small and simple yet, so elegant.
  8. This 5 Petal Tropical Flower is so cute! There are even several ways that you can modify it to customize it to your needs.
  9. This Easy Rose really is so easy! Perfect for a wedding bouquet!
  10. I am seriously about to go and buy some pearls just for this 5 Petal Flower!

For more flowers check out my original flower pattern and a secondary flower roundup!

Free Flower Crochet Patterns - The Lavender Chair
Flower Roundup II
Candace’s Flower

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