FREE Doll Crochet Patterns

Dolls are the perfect thing to make for any little girl! Because at some point, every little girl has that simple obsession. These doll crochet patterns are perfect to cure that simple obsession!

  1. This Baby Doll pattern is extremely simple and easy to follow!
  2. Need the perfect baby shower gift? These Sleeping Buddies Dolls are it! How cute are they?
  3. I love this Waldorf Inspired Baby Doll. There are even links for the clothing seen! So, cute.
  4. This Lola Doll is so cute. All it needs is a littel bit of embroidery on the face!
  5. These Fairy Dolls are so cute. Wish I had one growing up!
  6. This Baker Lily doll is a must make!
  7. I really like these Linguine Dolls! Maybe you could even put pipe cleaners in the legs to make them more sturdy and bendable!
  8. This little Bee Girl Doll is so rad!
  9. How cute is this Bella Girl Doll? The dress in this pattern is actually built into the body so it’s the perfect pattern for a little baby girl.
  10. As much as we wish it wasn’t, Frozen is still all the rage. This Elsa of Arendell Doll is perfect for any little Frozen fan!

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