Lizzy Beth Bows

Recently, in a Facebook group, I struck up a conversation with a women named Elizabeth. Long story short we hit it off in the comments section, so, I added her as a friend on Facebook. Once she accepted I did what any person would do, I Facebook stalked!

Upon stalking,  I stumbled across her business page, Lizzy Beth Bows, and I instantly fell in love! Lizzy Beth Bows had several adorable handmade bows. Since St. Patrick’s Day and Easter were coming up I just new I had to Scoop up her latest holiday bow designs for my daughter.




Here are the two that I just couldn’t resist:

I messaged Elizabeth and said “I got have these!” So, she sent me a Paypal invoice and in 3 short days USPS was knocking on my door! Once I unwrapped my package I couldn’t believe my eyes! The quality of these bows BLEW my mind! Every little detail was carefully placed and thought out! The clips even had a non-slip grip on the inside! Perfect for my daughters thin hair!

I decided to make the most out of these bows. Not only do I use them in my daughters hair, I also use them as embellishments on my crochet patterns! My Valerie’s Summer Sun Hat pattern features one of the other bows that I had received from Lizzy Beth Bows!

It added so much flare to my lastest design! The hat simply wouldn’t be the same without it! And the best thing about them is that I can switch them out to match any outfit I have without having to design an entirely new hat!

Here are some more examples of these must have designer bows:

Guess what guys!? Elizabeth and I are giving you a special deal. (Even valid on Custom Orders)

If you mention The Lavender Chair and give Lizzy Beth Bows a like on Facebook when you place your next order you can get $1.00 off each item!


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