FREE Baby Knitting Patterns

So I’ve recently become obsessed with knitting. I decided to learn a couple weeks ago and it is the best decision I have ever made. This new obsession lead me on a free baby knitting patterns search. I found a couple of amazing patterns to make.

So, here it is. A quick list of 10 things you can knit for babies.

  1. This Teething Dolly is a comforting lovey for any little baby getting in there precious smile. Using cotton yarn make it okay for the baby to chew on it, giving them a soothing comfort for their teething gums. Even if the little one isn’t teething, it is still perfect as a lovey doll to cuddle with.
  2. I love this Baby Sweater Dress. But, don’t let the name ward you off! You could easily use cotton yarn and make this a little summer dress.
  3. This Baby Bear Hat and Mitten set make a great photo prop! You could even knit the little paw pads.
  4. I love this Baby Lace Dress. You could leave off the sleeves and make it a light weight dress for the spring/summer or you could add sleeves and make it for fall/winter.
  5. How cute is this Vernal Verde Vest? Could see this on a baby boy any age! Would look great for any occasion over a collared shirt.
  6. This knitted Baby Onesie would make the perfect baby shower gift! There is so much you could do with it. Using Fair Isle knitting you could add any kind of design or letter to personalize these little onesies.
  7. I literally had tears of joy fill my eyes when I found this pattern for Knitted Baby Jeans. These are the cutest things I have ever seen in my entire life. I plan on making several of them!
  8. This Autumn Leaves Baby Cardigan is perfect for covering your little one shoulders on chilly days! This pattern is easily customizable, there is so much that you can do with this pattern!
  9. This All In One Top is exactly what it says! It’s a cardigan worked all in one piece! It’s quick and easy and looks so cute. Very easy to modify and written in sizes 0-12 months.
  10. This Baby Jacket is a must make. This elegant jacket would look amazing on any little girl! Just imagine it in red! I wish there was an adult version for this. I might just have to try to make one with chunky yarn and larger needles. Maybe just then it might fit!

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