FREE Scrap Yarn Crochet Patterns

We all have more Scrap yarn that we care to admit. Personally, I have a huge Rubbermaid tub of it that I can’t seem to throw away. Behold these Scrap yarn crochet patterns. I now feel like saving all those tiny balls was worth it. For more Scrap yarn ideas, check out these 10 Things To Do With Scrap Yarn.

  1. I love these Stripy Mitts! They are the most elegant Scrap yarn project! For more gloves, check out these Free Fingerless Gloves Crochet Patterns.
  2. I love the waves in this Scrumptious Scraps blanket.
  3. Use this Simple Stripped Dishcloth to add a little pop of color to any dishcloth.
  4. This Ribbon Afghan link is listed at the bottom of the post! I love this one it reminds me of a puzzle.
  5. All you need is one skein to connect all the Scraps in this Scraps Spectacular blanket.
  6. This Paint Splatter Square is so creative and perfect for Scraps that are under 5 yards.
  7. This Diamond Stitch Tutorial is perfect to make either a blanket or Scarf with your Scraps.
  8. Though it make look intimidating, this Apache Tears patterns is a lot of fun once you get the hang of it. It makes the perfect placemat or dishcloth pattern.
  9. This Cluster Burst Afghan is so simple, clean and fun.

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