10 Things To Do With Scrap Yarn

Admit it, even though that strip of yarn less than three yards long, you still have it in a miniature ball sitting in a box/bag somewhere. Guess what! It’s okay. Even if you haven’t yet, there are so many different uses for Scrap yarn. Even the really little ones!

Emergency Yarn Kit

Sadly, we waste so much time waiting. Whether it be waiting in line at the DMV or waiting for our waiter/waitress to bring us drinks. It’s at these times that we wish we had something to do with our hands. The perfect solution to this is making an emergency crochet kit. It’s the perfect size to put in your purse and carry just about anywhere. Wanna see how to make this? Check out the tutorial HERE.

Use as Stuffing

Think about all of the handfuls of yarn snippets that you have thrown out. I wonder how big of a pile that would amount up to. A great way to use up some of your scraps and ends is to use them as stuffing in your next crochet project.


I love this idea! Since I’m not really into the idea of crocheting everything for my home, this really makes me happy. It’s a subtle and almost elegant way to show off your yarn addiction/pride!

Granny Squares

You know it only takes about 2 yards of yarn to do the first round of a granny square?! Though it is a whole lot of work, making a million little granny squares and connecting them together looks pretty cute :).

Preemie Hats

When my daughter was born she was a little below average. She wasn’t preemie but you could definitely tell how small she was when they put on the hospital provided hat. I thought to myself about the actual preemies that were >5 pounds. Those hats must swallow them whole. So, I thought about how great it would be to make a bunch of preemie hats to bring to the hospital. Scrap yarn is the way to go on those hats. You can whip them up so quick! View this pattern HERE.


If you don’t already know, appliques are little crocheted things (i.e. butterflies, bows, small shapes) that you can add to any crochet project. I do this all the time! My go to project for getting rid of Scrap yarn would definitely be making a hat or a headband and spicing it up with some form of applique.

Scrap Hat

Making a Scrap hat is an awesome way to use up your Scrap stash. For some reason they always look good! Every so often, when I have enough Scrap yarn, I enjoy making Scrap hats and donating them to the homeless!


I use most of my Scrap embroidering the faces of my amigurumi friends. Scraps are perfect for eyes, noses, mouths, paws, you name it!


These little Scrap yarn ornaments are the perfect gift for everyone in your family! And of coarse they will always remember it’s from you because you are the crazy yarn hoarder, am I right?!

Rug Hooking

Rug hooking is perfect for those extra small pieces that you have laying around! you wouldn’t need much more than 1.5″! Of coarse you will need several of these little pieces, but, its worth getting rid of what you have!

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