10 FREE Amigurumi Crochet Patterns

These crochet amigurumi patterns are all so fun and free! There are so many cute amigurumi patterns, but, these are by far the best! For more, check out these A-Z 26 Free Crochet Animal Patterns.

  1. Now, usually I am not a big dog fan, but this Poodle is just so perfect and so detailed. This poodle would look good in any color!
  2. When I found this Agnus pattern I got so excited! I love the movie Despicable Me. After seeing that movie I decided, if I ever decide to have another child and it is a girl her name would be Agnus. I mean just look at the little doll. TOO CUTE!!!
  3. This amigurumi Hedgehog Pattern is too cute! I’ve always wanted a hedgehog as a pet. But, I’ll just settle with this free pattern so I don’t cuddle a real one to death.
  4. Why haven’t I thought of this! This is just too clever! This Cinderella doll would be so much fun to play with! What a great gift for a Cinderella fan.
  5. This Stitch pattern is spot on! Definitely going to try this one out sometime soon.
  6. Birds are such gorgeous creatures! This pattern would make a great household decoration or even Christmas tree ornament.
  7. This free Yorkie pattern is great for any dog lovers. I just love the way the designer added yarn fur to it, gave it a realistic edge.
  8. Awww! These baby dragons are adorable! They would make the perfect gift or a baby shower!
  9. Any MadagaScar fans out there? Then you should know Skipper! “Smile and wave boys. Smile and wave.”
  10. I love this Octupus! So colorful and bright and there are so many options. Just imagine this guy in pink, green and dark green!

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