November 2016 Crochet Pattern Releases

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This month The Lavender Chair released 13 crochet patterns! Towards the end of the month The Lavender Chair was experiencing some technical difficulties and some content was lost and a lot of you were unable to get the FREE crochet patterns. But, thankfully now everything is back to the way it shoud be and all the lost content was recovered!! Check it out!

  1. Valerie’s Slouchy Beanie
  2. Susanne’s Frasera Mandala Square
  3. Valerie’s Fingerless Gloves
  4. Sunshine Daisy Mandala Square
  5. Reversible Lily’s Cowl
  6. Reversible Lily’s Legwarmers
  7. Reversible Lily’s Slouchy Beanie
  8. Reversible Lily’s Fingerless Gloves
  9. Turkey Yarn Basket
  10. Santa’s Ornament
  11. Valerie’s Knee High Socks
  12. Boots with the Fur