New Year’s Resolution Crochet Ideas

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Temperature Blanket

Temperature blankets are all the rage for a new years project! A temperature blanket is a blanket that features the temperature for each day of the year. The first step in creating a temperature blanket is making a temperature gauge including ranges of temperatures that are matched with specific colors. Then everyday of the year you take the average temperature for the day and use the coordinating color to create a row in your blanket.

For more information on creating a temperature blanket check out THIS TUTORIAL.


Creating a graphgan is a huge feat in the crochet world. This difficult task is comprised of creating a graph of whatever image you wish to make. Then you pick that coordinating colors that match the image that you are trying to make. There are several ways to create a graphgan such as a C2C graphgan or the traditional Sc graphghan. This project consistitches of following the graph you created and change colors multiple times.

To learn more about how to make a graphgan CLICK HERE.

Make something for yourself

Every year I make it a goal to create something for myself! Every year, it seems as though we are constantly creating something to sell or something to gift to someone else. We often times forget to create something for ourselves!

Unfortunately, this past year I failed on that goal. But, two years ago I created my Painted in Warmth Sweater! This sweater was such an accomplishment considering it was extremely difficult to make with the stitch I chose. A lot of trial and error went into making this design, but, I was so pleased with the way that it turned out.

Sophie’s Universe

Sophie’s Universe, created by Look What I Made, was a CAL that was created in 2015. This pattern has always something I have wanted to create. This intricate design incorporates all sorts of crochet techniques that create a complex textured design! This afghan is absolutely gorgeous when completed. There are many different color combinations you can use to create this blanket, but, my favorite is the original rainbow one!

Get the FREE crochet pattern HERE!!!

Moogly Blanket CAL

Another amazing blanket goal to have is to follow the Moogly Blanket CAL for 2019. This CAL consistitches of 24 squares in which one is released every 2 weeks by different designers in the crochet community.

Learn a new stitch

Another goal I have every year is to create something using new stitch that I haven’t tried. This year my goal is to learn how to C2C! Isn’t it crazy that in my 15 years of crocheting I have never attempted to learn how to C2C?

Learning a new stitch is very rewarding and the possibilities are endless. There are several stitch ideas on both Pinterest and Youtube!

Design your own pattern

Designing your own pattern can be really challenging. But, it is extremely satisfying and it feels great to accomplish a vision that you have. Once you have an idea and plan it out it seems to work itself out well!

To learn more on creating your own crochet pattern CLICK HERE.

Learn to Tunisian crochet

Tunisian crochet is another crochet technique that would be awesome to add to your arsenal! Tunisian crochet is created using an elongated hook called and afghan hook. This crochet technique is often compared to a knitting and crochet hybrid.

Learn the basics HERE!!!

Organize Yarn Stash

Every year I tell myself I am going to organize my yarn stash and it seems like I never find the time to get it done. But, it’s a great way to start out the New Year organized.

See some tips on how to organize your yarn stash HERE!!!

Use up all your Scrap yarn

I think we can all admit that we have a problem with keeping and abundance of little Scrap balls in our stash. I think we all say that we are going to do something with them but, we never seem to get around to it and the collection continues to grow. This year make it a goal to try and get rid of all those Scrap balls with these AMAZING and FREE Scrap yarn crochet patterns and for even more, check out these 10 Scrap yarn ideas.