Must Know Crochet Hacks

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Here you will learn several must know crochet hacks to avoid crochet mishaps and make take your crocheting to the next level! I also have a post that has 7 tips and tricks to become a better crocheter! There you can find out how to Joining A Long Series of Chains, use the Flawless Yarn Joining Method and so much more!

Check out the 7 Tips and Trick to Be a Better Crocheter HERE!

Now for the juicy stuff!

Must Know Crochet Hacks

Straight Seam Hdc:

Straight Seam Hdc - The Lavender Chair

Working with Hdc in the round can be such a pain sometimes. The stitches never seem to line up straight at the join. If you want to keep this from happening and get a straighter finished look, Check out this Straight Seem Hdc Tutorial by Nicki’s Homemade Crafts.

Join As You Go Method:

Join As You Go Method - The Lavender Chair

Working on a project that requires multiple joins, such as a granny square afghan, Can be so time consuming. These projects always seem to be the ones in which I complete all the crocheting necessary then leave it to sit in a WIP pile forever before they get joined together. But using this Join as You Go Method can help eliminate that from happening and make your blanket come to life so much more quickly and easily.

Stop Tunisian Curling:

Stop the Curling in Tunisian Crochet - The Lavender Chair

If you’ve always wanted to complete a Tunisian crochet project but couldn’t keep the edges from curling, this tutorial is the tutorial for you! This will ensure clean and crisp bottoms without the unnecessary curling!

Invisible Decrease:

Invisible Decrease Tutorial - The Lavender Chair

The Invisible Decrease is such a necessary skill to learn if you lov1e making amigurumi patterns! This decrease method is absolutely flawless and literally makes your decreases invisible. This gives your project a more flawlessly finished look! You’ll definitely have to try this one out.

Add Beads to Your Project (4 Methods):

How to Add Beads to your Crochet Project  - The Lavender Chair

Adding beads to your crochet project will surely take it to the next level! There is a whole new world of options once you learn how to do so! Check out the tutorial HERE.

Get Even rows Without Counting Stitches:

Get Even Rows When Crocheting - The Lavender Chair

When you first start crocheting it may seem damn near impossible to keep your edges straight! With this tutorial you can get even edges WITHOUT even having to count your stitches!

To Knot or to Not:

To Knot or to Not - The Lavender Chair

Ah, to knot or not to knot is the question. But, I think with this tutorial you will find that not to know is the answer!

Evenly Pick Up Stitches Along the Border:

Picking Up Stitches Evenly for a Border - The Lavender Chair

When I make a blanket its almost certain that I am going to want to add a border. but sometimes this can pose to be a difficult task. constantly trying to get the stitches to work evenly can be such a drag and be seemingly impossible at time. With this tutorial you can learn how to do so flawlessly!