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Who’s ready for another CAL! This Mosaic Butterfly Blanket CAL will be broken up into a 9 weeks working about 25 rows per week and the border pattern for the final week. This CAL will start on Friday September 2nd – Friday October 28th!

Butterfly Mosaic Blanket - Free Crochet Pattern - The Lavender Chair

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Worsted Weight Yarn

  • Background Color: (1700 Yards)
  • Main Color: (1000 yards)
  • Border Color: (350 Yards)

J 6.00mm Crochet Hook

Yarn Needle

Get your materials HERE:


52″ x 60″




SS: (Slip Stitch) – Insert hook into stitch. Yarn over. Pull through stitch and loop.

Ch: (Chain) – Yarn over. Pull through loop.

Sc: (Single Crochet) – Insert hook into stitch. Yarn over. Draw up loop. Yarn over. Pull through 2 loops.

Dc: (Double Crochet) – Yarn over. Insert hook into stitch. Yarn over. Draw up loop. Yarn over. Pull through 2 loops. Yarn over. Pull through 2 loops.

Special Stitches:

Standing Single Crochet: With one loop on your hook insert hook into stitch. Yarn over pull through. Yarn over. pull through 2 loops. Watch the tutorial below!


  • First time doing mosaic crochet? Check out the Mosiac Test Square to get used to how it works!
  • Every odd row will be background color (Color A).
  • Even rows will be you design color (Color B) 
  • Base stitches (B) are made using a Standing single crochet and use both loops of stitch in the beginning.
  • The final Base stitches are made as a single crochet in both loops of the last stitch.
  • Sc are made using back loops only 
  • Drop Dc are made using front loop of 2 rows prior
  • Finish off after every row with a
  • Begin again with a Standing Sc in the first stitch of the previous row

Release Dates:

Part 1: Friday September 2, 2022

Part 2: Friday September 9, 2022

Part 3: Friday September 16, 2022

Part 4: Friday September 23, 2022

Part 5: Friday September 30, 2022

Part 6: Friday October 7, 2022

Part 7: Friday October 14, 2022

Part 8: Friday October 21, 2022

Part 9: Friday October 28, 2022