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I have always loved handmade and crochet. My childhood was bumpy to be sure and I will spare you the details; but music and yarn were my constant and solace. It was the thread throughout my life. No matter where I was or what was happening around me I could turn on music, tune out the world and make something with hooks and yarn.

I’ve also always been curious about and a fan of architecture and fashion. To me they are so similar. Equally inspiring. I can remember walking down streets in NYC growing up seeing both buildings and fashions and thinking “I can make that” or “how did they make that”. For me, it was always about the construction. The process.

While the road to get here was full of adventure, detours, mountains and valleys; looking back now, it makes perfect sense that I would own and run a handmade business. It feels right.  I still often ask “how did they make that” but now I take my tools then design and make my own. As I’ve grown I have leaned more toward the designing and the process. It is something so special to not only make things but design things for others to create and make. The reward is too big to deScribe.

Originally I thought this blog would be about sharing the project tips and business tips that helped me make my passion into my paycheck. But the truth is, though I’m deeply flattered by people asking me “HOW” I am successful – especially since I am just starting and nowhere near where I want to be and know we all define “successful” for ourselves, this is a very difficult question to answer. There is no easy, “hey do this and you will be a success” formula. Every creative business is different. And every Artisan is different. The recipe is never exactly the same. And it is hard to impart the amount of failures rolled into what is now “success”.

The only thing I can tell you that will work for EVERYONE is this:
Always be seeking. Always be growing. Always be moving forward. Even when you have a setback, dust off and move forward. And always be making! Never lose sight of the passion that brought you here: MAKE ALL THE THINGS.

I hope that Stitch & Hustle becomes a haven for you. A place to be inspired. A place to learn something new. A place to get a new pattern, to try a new stitch, and to celebrate your fiber skills. I hope that Stitch & Hustle becomes that safe, inspiring and fiber fabulous corner of the interwebs we all need.

So thanks for stopping by. I hope you hop around the site around and enjoy! Let me know if there is anything I / this blog can do for you or a topic you would like covered.



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