Kathy Lashley – Elk Studio Designer Round Up

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To learn more about Kathy Lashley of Elk Studio Designs CLICK HERE.

  1. This Frozen Pond Beanie is so adorable and perfect for any age with some simple adjustments!
  2. This Southern Trellis Wrap will keep the chill of your shoulders this spring!
  3. This Just Groovin’ Crochet Beanie has the most gorgeous textures! Would look amazing in just about any color. This beanie was also featured in my Pretty in Pink Round Up.
  4. Get the Pattern for the Southern Diamonds Shawl and Poncho HERE! This pattern is just so gorgeous and versitile. It’s lacy and airy perfect for the warmer days!
  5. I love this Campfire Nights Beanie! It really is perfect for those chilly fall nights when you break out the fire pit!
  6. This Naturally Southern Scarf is a beautiful statement piece that can bring any outfit to life.
  7. This Standing Ovation Scarf is a fun and innovative color pooling pattern!
  8. I love this Sterling Riches Beanie! Loks so warm and cozy for those cold winter months!
  9. If you loved the Sterling Riches Beanie you will love the matching Sterling Riches Scarf!
  10. Lastly, this Winter Duo Scarf is quick and easy and oh so gorgeous.