Crochet Tutorial: How To Make The Invisible Join

The Invisible join technique changed my life and will most definitely change yours! I was absolutely amazed with the results when I learned how. This technique is used when working with projects in the round. The invisible join creates a seamless and more professional finish to your crochet projects.

Normally, when working in the round, you’d finish off with a slip stitch. Do so, there is always an unsightly bump, no matter how tight you pull your slip stitch. But, with the invisible join method you can forget that ugly bump and be on your way!

Here’s how!

At the last round, instead of joining with a slip stitch cut the yarn leaving yourself a decent tail. Pull that last loop on your hook all the way until the tail comes through.

Now insert your hook into the front loop of the last stitch you made and into the whole first stitch of the round.

Next you are going to yarn over with your tail yarn and pull through all the loops on your hook.

Then lastly, you are going to weave in your ends like you would normally.

VOILA! The invisible join! Doesn’t it just look great? if it weren’t for the chain stitches between each round I wouldn’t be able to tell where It ended!

Now doesn’t that look so much better then this:

If you’d prefer to watch a video tutorial here it is:

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