Gorgeous and FREE Purse/Bag Crochet Patterns

I think we all need some good bag crochet patterns I love crochet purses and bags and totes! Just more things to carry all my WIPS and yarn!

  1. This Shabby Chic Granny Square Bag is so cute! I love the way its decorated with those flowers!
  2. Maybe it’s just the purple, but, this Easy Tote Bag is rocking my socks of! (Yes, I did just use that phrase.
  3. I love this Derek Bag! I am not really a purse carrying person but, I would surely be delighted to carry this one around.
  4. I love the color combination on this Ami Cotton Purse.
  5. This Perfect Purse really is the perfect purse! It’s so versatile and would work with any outfit!
  6. This Market Bag is the perfect bag to carry around all your crochet projects!
  7. This Fat Bottom Granny Square Bag is the perfect way to use one big ole granny square! And who doesn’t love fat bottom bags!
  8. This Wild Flower Shoulder Bag was a CAL! But, now the pattern is completed and fully up for free!
  9. This Surf-n-Turf crochet tote is perfect for lugging your towels and sunScreen to the beach.
  10. I love using start stitch. So, this Star Stitch Tote is definitely the pattern for me!

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