FREE Spiderweb Crochet Patterns

It’s not a true Halloween without the occasional spiderweb! Whether they are for decoration or you just haven’t dusted in a while, Spiderwebs are in. I can’t wait to get started decorating my house with all these amazing spiderweb crochet patterns.

  1. I like the lacy design of this Spiderweb Squares Scarf!
  2. I love this Spiderweb Coaster. This would be a great coaster to have for all the Halloween beverages.
  3. This Spiderweb Tablemat would make a great centerpiece for some hot soup
  4. Need the perfect Halloween decoration? Try this crochet Spiderweb Table Topper! How amazing would your big bowl of candy look on this?
  5. This Spiderweb Slouchy Hat is perfect for anytime!
  6. Technically, this crochet Spiderweb Doily Is supposed to be inspired by a snowflake, but, I think it really could go either way!
  7. These Spiderweb Placemats would look great for your Halloween dinner. For more placemat patterns check out these 10 Free Crochet Placemat Patterns.
  8. This Spiderweb Cardigan is a chart pattern but its so worth figuring it out. If you need help check out How to Read Crochet Charts.
  9. This Halloween Hat Pattern is written in just about every size imaginable.
  10. This Half Spiderweb would make the perfect decoration for your home this Halloween.
  11. These Handy Spiderweb Gloves are one great way to vamp up your Halloween costume.
  13. This Spiderweb Beanie is perfect for you little Spiderman!
  14. This Spiderweb pattern even has link for the pattern of a cute spider!
  15. Need a little something extra to dress up your Halloween costume? These Morticia Spiderweb Gloves are amazingly creepy!

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