FREE Sock Crochet Patterns for Everyone

These Sock crochet patterns are all free and perfect for everyone from baby to adult and male to female! Socks, Socks, Socks galore!

FREE Sock Crochet Patterns - The Lavender Chair
  1. Who loves Yoga Socks. I hadn’t heard about them til recently, they are genius! I wish I would have thought about them.
  2. I love these  Top Down Socks! A quick and easy pattern for all foot sizes.
  3. These Men’s Crochet Socks are perfect for the special man in your life!
  4. These Knee High Boot Socks are perfect for keeping you nice and warm when the winter comes.
  5. I would love to curl up  on the couch in these Cozy At Home Socks.
  6. I’m loving these Lake Town Socks! They are the perfect substitute for yoga socks if it is a cold day.
  7. These Little Christmas Socks are perfect for a babies first Christmas. So warm and cuddly!
  8. Got a little one running around your house? These Toddler Socks are perfect for their little feet!
  9. This Lovable Pair of Socks is so cute! All they need is a little ruffle trim around the top! Perfect for any little baby.
  10. Little Baby Socks for those little baby feet!

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