FREE Gingerbread Man Crochet Patterns

Gingerbread Man season is upon us! With these gingerbread man crochet patterns you can celebrate! From gingerbread inspired dresses all the way to gingerbread inspired oven mitts!

Free Gingerbread Crochet Patterns - The Lavender Chair
  1. You’ll love wearing thsi Gingerbread Man Apron while baking all those Christmas cookies.
  2. Who wouldn’t want to sport this Gingerbread Man Scarf? Stay warm and cozy with this cute Scarf. For more Scarves, check out these Free Crochet Scarf Patterns.
  3. This Gingerbread Man would make the perfect stocking stuffer gift!
  4. Gingerbread House Hot Pad. For more Hot Pads, check out these Free Hot Pad/Pot Holder Patterns.
  5. Using this Gingerbread Man Pixel Square you can create a whole blanket! For more blankets, check out these Free Crochet Christmas Blanket Patterns.
  6. Not the button! Not the gumdrop button! This Gingerbread Man really reminds me of the movie Shrek!
  7. Gingerbread Man Stockings For the whole family! For more stockings, check out these Free Crochet Stocking Patterns.
  8. How cute and festive is this Gingerbread Girl Dress? For more dresses, check out these Free Crochet Baby Dress Patterns.
  9. This matching Gingerbread Man Apron and Oven Mitt set is so cute.
  10. This Gingerbread Doll makes the perfect towel topper!

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