FREE Finger Puppet Crochet Patterns

Finger puppets are  such a good way for your child to learn the different animals or nursery rhymes. So, why not make a crochet finger puppet? It’s a perfect way to use up that abundance of  Scrap yarn you have laying around. For more Scrap yarn projects check out these 10 Things To Do With Scrap Yarn.

  1. I think this Charlie The Badger is cute! He should have his own talk show.
  2. These Animal Finger Puppets are perfect for teaching your child the BINGO song!
  3. This Fox Finger Puppet comes equipped with two finger holes so you can make your crochet finger puppet come to life. Do you love foxes? Check out these 10 Free Crochet Fox Patterns!
  4. How cute are these Bug Buddies?
  5. If you don’t know this nursery rhyme already, you should definitely learn it! Then you can make these Five Little Ducks  with this finger puppet crochet pattern to tell the story!
  6. Personally, I would only use the pig from this Farmyard Finger Puppets pattern set. I would tell the story of The Three Little Pigs!
  7. Apparently there is a nursery rhyme associated with these Two Little Dickie Birds! Who’d have thunk it!
  8. These Superhero Finger Puppets were also featured in my 10 Free Crochet Superhero Patterns. They are too darn cute not to include in another round up.
  9. I love this little Froggy. So adorable!


Now how do you feel about finger puppet crochet patterns? Were you not digging through your yarn stash before you could reached the end of the post?

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