FREE Holiday Accessory Crochet Patterns

Wearing one of these crochet holiday accessory crochet patterns are so cute, especially for kids. One of my favorite things about Christmas fashion would be a good old Christmas sweater. Adding a hat or a cowl just seals the deal for eternal happiness!

Free Holiday Accessory Crochet Patterns - The Lavender Chair
  1. This CaScading Snowflakes Scarf is so gorgeous and delicate! I love lacy crochet patterns like this one. For more snowflakes, Check out these Free Crochet Snowflake Patterns.
  2. This Pointsettia Scarf is so elegant. Anyone would be honored to receive this Scarf as a gift.
  3. Where has this Snowflake Apron been all my life. It would be a crime to back any holiday cookies without this crochet holiday apron.
  4. I love Candy Cane Ripple Cowl. It would go great with any holiday outfit. For more candy canes, check out these Free Crochet Peppermint Patterns.
  5. I feel like everyone owns a santa hat. So, to keep up with tradition, I’ve include this simple Santa Hat. For more santa, check out these Free Santa Crochet Patterns.
  6. This Ho Ho Ho Headband is so simple and clever! For more headbands, check out these Free Crochet Headband Patterns.
  7. How clever is this Christmas Ornament Hat? Why didn’t I think of that? For more ornaments, check out these Free Crochet Christmas Ornament Patterns.
  8. I love this little Elf Hat! Guess what the best part of this pattern is. There are sizes for the whole family!
  9. These Christmas Elf Booties are to die for! They are a must make crochet holiday accessory!

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