FREE Chinese New Year Crochet Patterns

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Chinese New Year is right around the corner! This year is the year of the dog! Here are a few Chinese culture inspired paatterns

  1. My favorite part of ordering Chinese food is getting a fortune cookie with my meal!! Arent these Fortune Cookie Crochet Patterns so cute? Hopefully you get the perfect fortune for the Chinese New Year!
  2. These Chinese Latern Amigurimi’s/Ornaments are so gorgeous and make the perfect decoration for this Chinese New Year.
  3. This little Chinese New Year Doll is yet another  amazing decoration or plushie for this new year!
  4. This Chinese Lantern Cowl is so cute! Looks just like a Chinese lantern when its folded up!
  5. How cute is this little owl? Get the pattern for the Bonsai Tree it’s sitting on to decorate for this Chinese New Year!
  6. This Chinese Lantern Bag is perfect for string bags!
  7. This Chinese Lantern Amigurumi is yet another great decoration for this year!
  8. Make just about anything with this Chinese Puzzle Stitch.
  9. This Chinese New Year is the year of the dog! Get the pattern for this Dog here.
  10. Make just about anything with this Chinese Lantern Stitch! Would look so cute as a cowl or Scarf for the new year!