10 FREE Boy Sweater Crochet Patterns

I adore every singe one of these boy sweater crochet patterns! Looking for girls sweaters? Check out my 10 Free Crochet Sweater Patterns For Girls post!

  1. Sue’s No Holes Hexagon Baby Sweater is pretty cute and simple!
  2. This Baby Hoodie looks so warm and comfy!
  3. If you can’t tell already that I like baby hoodies maybe this Baby Boy Cardigan With Hood will make that more clear.
  4. With this Go Anywhere Baby Hoodie, you can apparently go anywhere!
  5. Toggle buttons are my favorite kind of button! I didn’t even know that’s what they were called til I ran into this Hoodie with Toggle Buttons.
  6. This Crochet Jumper could also be used as a girl pattern, you’d just have to change up the color of coarse.
  7. This Easy Crochet Baby Sweater also inlcuded a hood!
  8. Check out the sweater in Boys Sweater and Pants set! I love when sweaters have those little button on the shoulder!
  9. This Bouncing Baby Pullover is the perfect beginners project! Fast and easy for almost any crocheter!
  10. I love hoodies and stripes. This Simple Striped Hoodie has it all!

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