FREE Awareness Crochet Patterns

There are so many terminal and debilitating diseases out there. Some are more common than others, but, all are equally important. Raising awareness is everyone’s responsibility, so, make some of these awareness crochet patterns to help support the cause!

  1. This Desert Hope Slouchy Beanie is one of my favorite hat designs by Celina Lane! For more of her patterns, check out this Celina Lane Designer Roundup.
  2. This Ribbon Scarf is easier than you’d think! Just Make a couple of chains and skip a couple of spaces and voila!
  3. Cancer Ribbon Cup Cozy
  4. This Cancer Ribbon Scarf is so clever!  I love the little keyhole addition giving it the illusion of a real ribbon!
  5. This Chemo Cap with Scarf is so feminine. For those that have lost their hair, the Scarf might feel like a comfort!
  6. This Autism Awareness Scarf pattern is a chart. It is one of my favorite awareness crochet patterns.
  7. Awareness Ribbon Kawaii Cuddler
  8. Awareness Ribbon Pot Holder
  9. This Autism Puzzle Blanket is gorgeous!
  10. This Breast Cancer Scarf is created by leaving chain spaces in the shape of a ribbon! Quick and easy, yet elegant.

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