Crochet Surprise SubScription Box

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What is Crochet Surprise?

Crochet Surprise is a subScription box that delivers a unique crochet project to your doorstep each month. Our inspiration behind Crochet Surprise was to create something that would give crocheters a reason to put things aside and encourage them to indulge in some time for themselves.

Each month the box contains a new crochet project and the yarn and accessories required to complete it. Also included is a carefully selected premium loose leaf tea and a little gift to compliment the box. Hooks are generally not included (unless the project requires a more uncommon size). The projects are based at a beginner to intermediate level and are able to be completed within the month.

Orders close on the 19th of each month and are shipped on the 24th – 26th of the month, depending on where the weekend falls. For customers who are on a subScription, they are re-billed on the 1st of the month after they receive their first box. People can also purchase the box as a gift for a friend or loved one.

The Lavender Chair is excited to announce that this months Crochet Surprise Box will include one of our very own patterns! So head on over and sign up for a monthly box! You won’t be disappointed! Next month The Lavender Chair will be doing an unboxing of a Surprise Box, so, stay tuned for that!

SubScription Options:

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