August 2016 Crochet Pattern Releases

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This month  was filled with so much exciting things! I released several NEW crochet patterns, a new amazing yarn came out (Caron Cakes) and it was my daughters 2nd birthday! I’d have to say thats a fun month! (I don’t get out much if you can’t tell. Any way here are the August 2016 crochet pattern releases!

  1. Quiver Fans Sun Hat
  2. Ring Around the Rosie Vest
  3. Mirrored Gemstone Lace Shawl
  4. Quiver Fans Sun Dress
  5. Pocket Full Of Posies Dress
  6. Gemstone Lace Dress
  7. Vintage Rounded Yoke Dress
  8. Gemstone Lace Shawl
  9. Vintage Slouchy Beanie
  10. Josephine’s Slouchy Beanie
  11. Lotus Mandala Square or Square 1 for the Mandala Blanket CAL
  12. Josephine’s Cowl