8 Great Ways To Get Your Yarn For Cheap

8 Ways to Get Your Yarn Cheaper - The Lavender Chair

RetailMeNot Coupons

The Retail Me Not App is a god send in my life. Offers online coupon for anything and everything!!! Great way to save on anything that you like. My favorite thing about this app is that whenever you are around a bunch of stores it sends you a push a notification to notify you about all the deals around you. Places like Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Joann’s and Hancocks Fabrics are included. So right before I walk into a store where I know I am going to buy yarn, I check to see the coupons that are available! At Joann’s you can even use more then one coupon!

Retail Me Not for Android

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Coupon Section

Don’t want to download an app? That’s okay! If you visit any of the craft stores websites there is a section just for coupons that are accepted in the store! You can pull it up straight from your phone and they will Scan the coupon at the register!


Stop searching for coupon codes. With one click, Honey’s smart shopping assistant will automatically apply available discount codes to your cart – in seconds. Download the Honey extension to start saving now!

Estate Sales/Yard Sales

I’ve seen some people Score large amounts of stash yarn and craft supplies at estate sales/yard sales. Estate sales especially because most estate sales are the result of death and lets face it old people tend to have a lot of yarn! The best way to stay updated on when estate and yard sales are happening near you is to join your local buy sell and trade groups. Another great way to find out about this is craigslist. I am always stopping by local yard sales just to check and see. What do you have to loose?


Sometimes I find a good amount of yarn in Goodwill. Even if I can’t find any actual yarn there are always blankets that you can frog to reuse the yarn! Some people are against that but I just look at it like recycling. Plus, if you make something using frogged work it has two the love put into it!

Another way to find yarn at Goodwill is by up-cycling a sweater. You can find so many sweaters for dirt cheap that you are able to use the yarn from! It’s definitely the cheapest way to get good quality yarn for cheap! All you have to do is a little bit of work which is worth it!

To see a tutorial on how to up-cycle sweater yarn click here.


There are plenty of auctions and deals for bulk yarn listed on Ebay on a daily basis! I’ve gotten plenty of it for dirt cheap while winning an auction. Some people even decide to destash (not sure why) and sell bulk for a cheap price!

Knitting Warehouse

Knitting Warehouse is another great place to get diScount yarn. Always great sales on yarn, knitting supplies and crochet supplies. Knitting Warehouse has sections of there website in which all yarn is either 25-30% off.


Make Your Own

Making your own yarn is so much fun. There are so many ways to do this. You can up-cycle old jeans to make jean yarn. Old T-shirts that you have laying around can make some T-Shirt yarn. You know all those grocery bags you have hoarded under your sink? Yup, you can use that too! You can use so many things! Here’s a few tutorials.

How To Make Jean Yarn

How To Make T-Shirt Yarn

How To Make Plarn

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