10 FREE 12 Inch Afghan Square Crochet Patterns

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If you are looking for some alternate 12 inch afghan Square to complete your Mandala Blanket CAL, here are 10 free 12 inch afghan crochet square patterns that you can use! These squares are also great to mix and match with the same color Scheme to design your own blanket!

10 FREE 12 Inch Afghan Square Crochet Patterns - The Lavender Chair
  1. This Hayton Block  by Melissa Green is so cute and fun! It reminds me of a little flower garden!
  2. The Sun Catcher Square by Julie Yeagar remind me of a stained glass window! (UPDATE: 4/3/2017 This pattern is no longer available for FREE.)
  3. Puff Wheat Square  by Margaret MacInnis; This square is a super textured design. It would make the perfect pillow cover if you choose to expand the square passed 12″.
  4. The Denna Square by one of my favorite square designers, Poly Plum, is super simple BUT so intricate when you use the right colors!
  5. The Lotus Pavillions Square by Helen Shrimpton is so elegant and dainty! I love the minimal use of textures to bring out the design. This square is perfect for a victorian inspired duvet cover or heirloom blanket.
  6. The Duckbill Dalliance Square is another gorgeous textured square by Margaret MacInnis! Simply Using a single color for this 12 inch afghan square crochet pattern is enough to make it pop and stand out!
  7. Did I mention how much I love Poly Plum’s Designs? This Fan Dance Square is another GORGEOUS one from her! The textures and color transitions are absolutely perfect in showing off the design.
  8. Esmee’s Winter Cottage by Dedri Uys is very elegant and also quick and easy!
  9. Another wonderful 12 inch afghan square crochet pattern by Julie Yeagar is this Fantastic Afghan Square! This square reminds me of some kind of fancy wagon wheel and i love it!
  10. Is this Dream Circle by Pink Mambo Designs not DREAMY? I am so in love with the color changes and textured design featured through out!