Free Halloween Crochet Patterns

Halloween is just around the corner and I can’t wait! I love candy and dressing up! The best part of this years Halloween is that I can use my 1 year old as an excuse to go trick or treating. The second best part would be making some of these amazing Halloween Crochet Patterns.

Free Halloween Crochet Patterns - The Lavender Chair
  1. This Pumpkin Basket is great for holding the candy you’ll be passing out at the front door. You could even use it as a trick-or-treat bag. For more pumpkins check out these 10 Free Pumpkin Crochet Patterns.
  2. These Halloween Crochet Cup Cozys by Repeat Crafter Me are insanely cute! So quick and easy and you can customize them to any monster that you like! Check out these 10 FREE Cup Cozy Crochet Patterns.
  4. When looking for a good Halloween Costume, you can never fail by being a witch. Complete that look with this amazing Witch Hat!
  5. This Amigurumi Witch is so cute! For more witches, check out these 10 Free Crochet Witch Patterns.
  6. How awesome are these Shrunken Heads. They remind me of the movie Beetle Juice! They are so creepy in the most amazing way.
  7. If you have a  little one that won’t be collecting too much candy, this Candy Corn Trick-Or-Treat Bag is he perfect bag for you. Check out these 10 Free Crochet Halloween Bag Patterns for more trick or treat bags!
  8. How cute are these Ghost Coasters? Perfect for dressing up you table and staying festive. Check out these 10 Free Coaster Crochet Patterns for more.
  9. This Spiderweb Doily is perfect for any door way or corner it your home. It’s a very elegant way to dress your home up for the Halloween season.
  10. How cute are these Ghost Lollipop Covers? Perfect for handing out on Halloween!

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