FREE Crochet Patterns For Men

Crochet patterns for men or even just ideas for them can be so hard to find. Here are some really good things that you can crochet for men! Whether it is for a birthday or Christmas all these patterns will work!

  1. This Brain Waves Beanie is the perfect hat pattern! I have made several! The result is so cool!
  2. Every man owns a neck tie. But, what about this Crochet Necktie?
  3. Men wear Scarves too! Get the pattern HERE.
  4. I love this Pullover Tuxedo Sweater! Will definitely be making one for my hubby.
  5. I don’t think I have ever met a man who doesn’t love golf. These Golf Club Covers would look fantastic on the green.
  6. This Knit Look Ribbed Hat would make a good hat for any man.
  7. What man wouldn’t want this Football Cozie for his beer?
  8. These Men’s Loafers look so comfy! I think I might need a pair for myself.
  9. This Sock pattern offers an array of sizes including a men’s size. Perfect gift for that special someone!
  10. Every man needs a Bow Tie! Perfect pattern for all the men in the family.

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